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    About SKS Publishing information

    Peer Reviewed Research

    High-quality peer reviews guarantee that SKS academic books contain reliable research. The peer review badge on their back cover signifies the books’ quality that the review process is used to ensure. SKS also uses the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies’ badge for peer-reviewed academic books.

    Anonymous and Impartial Peer Review

    The review practice for SKS academic series is bi-directionally anonymous. The expert receives an anonymous manuscript for review, and the experts’ identity is never revealed to the author. In the case that the reviewer recognises the author, this shall be discussed with the SKS publishing coordinator and the publishing committee will take this information into consideration, if necessary.

    All manuscripts under review are confidential. They are not to be discussed or shown to outsiders. Reviewers may not derive personal gain from the content of an unpublished manuscript. The SKS publishing coordinator is responsible for the reviewer system, the information of which shall not be disclosed to outsiders.

    The publishing committees make an effort to consider conflicts of interest in their selection of reviewers. Reviewers may not be close relatives, supervisors, subordinates or instructors of the author(s), or persons that have published together with the author(s) during the past three years. In the case of an obvious conflict of interest between the reviewer and the content or author of the manuscript, or if they are otherwise involved, the reviewer is required to disclose this to the publishing coordinator.

    In the case of a publishing committee member having a conflict of interest regarding a manuscript, they will neither take part in discussions related to the manuscript nor be privy to the experts’ statements. In the case that the Studia Fennica series’ editor-in-chief has a conflict of interest, the manuscript will be the responsibility of the deputy editor-in-chief.

    Openness And Accessibility

    All of SKS’ open access publications that are available online will be licensed under the CC-BY-NC-ND licence, which both allows wide and open use of the publication while reserving the core rights to the author.

    SKS publications are available both in print and e-book formats, and thanks to library exchanges, our works can be widely found at libraries around the world. Our open access online publications are indexed in various databases.


    All SKS titles are archived with the National Library of Finland.
    SKS allows all authors to self-archive their content. Our self-archiving practices are described in SHERPA/ROMEO.

    Instructions And Practices

    The SKS peer review process is based on the Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing (in Finnish) and the Academy of Finland’s instructions on peer reviews, confidentiality and conflicts of interest. SKS is committed to following the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity’s Responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in Finland guidelines.