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    The Finnish Literature Society (SKS), established in 1831, is a learned society. SKS is the oldest Finnish publisher still in operation and the largest humanities scholarly publisher in the country.

    Visit the Finnish Literature Society’s website to find out more about SKS as a society as well as a publisher.

    Academic Publishing

    SKS publishes circa twenty peer-reviewed academic volumes from the field of humanities. The Studia Fennica series, published in English, includes works from the fields of anthropology, ethnology, folklore studies, history, literature and linguistics. Scholarly literature financing decisions are the responsibility of the SKS publishing committee. Decisions are based on peer reviews.

    SKS Academic Publishing

    Other Publishing Activities

    In addition to scholarly literature, SKS publishes general non-fiction books in such fields as folklore, literature and history. SKS books are a source of reliable, up-to-date information that increase our understanding while being entertaining. They are also a part of Finnish cultural discourse.

    Companies, communities, public authorities and private individuals can also commission SKS for literature projects SKS partners include several art museums, the National Board of Antiquities, The Office of the President of the Republic of Finland, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Book Availability

    All SKS-published literature is printed, with a large majority of them also being available as e-books. Select works are published for open access under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license. To further their discoverability, these select works will also be added to the OAPEN Library as well as the Directory of Open Access Books.

    The SKS sales and marketing team makes sure that a new book’s pre-release and product information is available in publishing systems that are used by merchants and stockists alike. SKS books are available at well-equipped book stores, both brick-and-mortar and online. Thanks to library exchanges, our books are widely available in various libraries all around the world.

    SKS also has its own online store. SKS’ publisher store is bookstore Tiedekirja in Helsinki.

    Book Information

    SKS publishes a list of the current year’s books every spring. The list also includes books published in academic series of SKS. This publishing list is distributed to the media, book stores and libraries. Information on each new book is distributed on SKS’ social media channels. Once an academic book has been released, its introduction and bibliographical information are sent to thematic academic media outlets as well as to the universities. SKS follows up on its books’ reception and archives their related reviews.

    Review copy requests: arvostelukappaleet@finlit.fi

    Want To Be An Author?

    SKS is happy to accept ideas or complete manuscripts on general non-fiction or scholarly literature.

    Instructions for general non-fiction manuscript or idea submissions

    Instructions for academic manuscript or book idea submissions